Within the walls of AXE TO GRIND is a compelling combination of METAL and HARDCORE, Old School, with Rock, Speed, and Prog.. By melding hook-filled melody within hard and heavy beats, AXE TO GRIND shows the ability to compact a vast array of influence and experience into a single platform with a signature sound.

     The emerging Northeast U.S. based Metal Outfit AXE TO GRIND with Brian Martens on All Vocals, lead guitarist Chris Normandin, drummer J  Motto, and  J Taft on bass, are seasoned accomplished musical veterans and have a rock solid history of live and studio performances which put them here today.

The official AXE TO GRIND 2020 follow up Brand New Full Length 13 Song album NEWARMOUR  will mark this lineups musical introduction to the world. 

     AXE TO GRIND arrives with substance, style, and hooks which captures their listeners and the result is proof that raw talent and hard work can still prevail.

 The AXE TO GRIND debut 13 song full length album ARMOUR  marks previous original lineups musical introduction to the world and is now available in over 15,000 brick and mortar retailers, and online at 95+ sites including Amazon, CDBaby, Google Play Music Store, and Apple iTunes. Also On-Air in over 180 +Countries Worldwide, Our video channel at YouTube #AxeToGrind  & On-Air at iheart radio

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